Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our Kitchen's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy

Yes, it's true. I hide great secrets from my husband. That is, when he is scarfing down a nice meal going "Mmmmmm Honey! What's IN this!? This is GREAT!!!", I prefer to wait until after he's finished eating before I tell him.

Why? Because sometimes if I tell him before he's finished eating, he won't finish his meal. If he finds out a yummy spaghetti sauce he's been slurping has anchovies in it...over. Done. If he finds out a meatloaf he's been gobbling has lamb in it, such as the one we started on last evening, (and are still eating on this very evening - hope he reads this after dinner), he'll dig his feet in, clamp his jaws shut, and let me finish off the rest in a series of leftovers. He knows better than to ask if my curry is goat or beef...he just might get an answer he doesn't like.

He can get pretty adventuresome sometimes in the food department, but he says he can't eat lamb because he sees a poor little lamb in front of him when he's trying to eat it. I guess he gets bad images also if he hears "mushrooms", "veal", "anchovies", etc.

Of course, sometimes I do use his meat of choice just to lull him into a sense of security. Once he's gotten out of the habit of asking, I can pull out the exotic and sometimes healthier stuff, and he assumes it's beef or pork. Like when I make turkey burgers...(much juicier and tastier than beef in my opinion).

Just have to add that there's always the exception to the rule, and sometimes I do actually tell him when he asks, but usually I say "Don't ask...just EAT!" And, being afraid of the answer I could give, he shuts up and continues to eat...then we're both happy ;-)

March 18, 2010 Update: We finished off the meatloaf last night - yes, I saw him chew it with my own eyes....yes, he DID read this blog the night before...and finally, yes, he did still say it tasted great! I believe he may actually be learning to get past his lamb issues. Yay!

I think this warrants posting the lamb meatloaf recipe ;-)


  1. Oh, Michelle, you are so good with words. You make me laugh--and that little lamb looks so sweet. I'm going to tell Sandy about your fun blog.

  2. Thanks Linda! BTW, he DID read this after dinner last night, but swears he'll continue to eat the remaining meatloaf until it's gone. I'll post an update on that one....

  3. That has to be the cutest picture of a lamb I've ever seen! My friends in England told me that most Americans see a lamb and say "Awe", but in England they think, "Mint Sauce".

    If you like turkey burgers you should try an ostrich burger!