Why Am I Here?

I decided to start this blog because I wanted to post a recipe on Facebook, but due to the size restrictions on posts I actually needed to post a link. A link to what? Well, after years of avoiding the blog-o-sphere (and FB for that matter), I realized I needed a BLOG. (What a word! Reminds me of 'bloated logs'...well, I guess in a sense, it's precisely what they could be.)

This blog should not become one more thing hanging over my head ("Dear Diary...Oh, I need to post a blog today...ooooh, what should I write about?!") I don't want to over-share by exposing my deepest, darkest secrets...or giving TMI that makes people cringe.

Here is where I can put anything about any subject or project I am working on that I care to share with the world. If you care to know, you know where to find it (you obviously found this page).

Please feel free to subscribe, share with friends, and leave comments.

Welcome, and...