Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Writer's Block

I've been working on a book that I hope to finish along the same time I finish my third solo album. This book is fiction, based on one of the stories from the album, and is going to be so much fun! I've only written a little less than 6,000 words so far, but the story is already unfolding nicely.

However, sometimes when I sit down to write I get writer's block. I went through the ritual of making some hot tea - decaf Earl Grey, to which I added some lavender buds - and settled in front of my laptop, and proceeded to go blank. I stared at the of those inspirational Barnes and Noble mugs with the picture of books on flower stems, and a lady in a summer hat clipping the books like roses. If only I could just snip my book off of a flower stem and see it in its final glory!

My answer to this writer's block was to post my first blog for 2012. Here's hoping the ideas are flowing again soon!


  1. I think I will go and et me some tea. You make it sound so inviting. Hope you are having a good week, Michelle!

  2. Funny, I was reading this while drinking a cup of tea. Good luck with the book. I can't wait!